I am Mistress Victoria DeVil. Whether you’re on my site for the first time or if you’ve been here before, I welcome you and I warn you. I can come across as intense and overwhelming, but above all I am more sadistic than your wildest fantasies.

London tantric massage

Besides the fact that BDSM is the greatest passion in my life, I am very skilled and my creativity knows no bounds. I love to use my ropes to have Foot Mistress London dangling from the ceiling completely helpless. I love performing one of my many carefully crafted Mind-Fucks or having you scream through a cane, whip or using one of my other beloved instruments.

I can enjoy your whimpers, squeaks and sobs endlessly, it just makes me laugh harder. I enjoy seeing the fear in your eyes, hearing the vibration in your voice and feeling your trembling body. I don’t care Black London Mistress if you’re new or an experienced slave. I want to push your limits, without crossing them. I want to see you suffer.

I would like to thank you very much for our session this afternoon. I loved it from start to finish. The most important thing I have learned is that pain is not scary. The way you introduced me to it, I actually really liked it. I’d like to explore that further, Mistress

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