I am holding in my hands Beatrice Batman’s book entitled “A Brief History of Sex” translated […]
It’s no secret: Sexual orgasm is much easier for men. So much the easier, that in […]
Sex is not always easy or simple. For every woman and every man things work differently […]
Abstinence from sex is not a realistic or desirable choice for many of us. Even if […]
M. is a smart and charming thirty, who nevertheless suffers from an obsession: to have sex […]
Millions of people feel the uncontrollable desire to have sex immediately with every person they meet […]
Why do most people associate the coming of spring with the awakening of the senses, with […]
The uncontrollable desire of many people to have sex immediately with any stranger they meet and […]
Most of the articles we write about sex, have the main purpose to help you and […]
“ Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right. ” –Woody Allen The intensity at […]