Most of the articles we write about sex, have the main purpose to help you and your partner to enjoy your sex life even more and to develop it. However, East London Mistress there are some tips that are given for the same purpose but end up pushing, stressing, limiting and sometimes being nailed to our minds without being able to get rid of them.

Below, you will find the 9 most common and well-known tips and rules, which instead of strengthening, may eventually sabotage your sex life:

Each sexual intercourse will be better than the last

Just because you had sex last night in the same setting, with the same partner, does not mean that today will be the same and better. It may be the same, worse or better than yesterday but there is no method that promises that sex will be more and more passionate each time. This is something that depends on you and your partner, your relationship as well as your daily life.

A man thinks about sex every 7 seconds

If so, it means that the average man thinks about 7200 sex-related thoughts while he is awake. And in addition, all the research that has shown that this is indeed the case has had a very small sample or was not statistically significant – so the room for doubt is large.

Condom destroys sex

If she uses a condom it means that she respects you and wants you to enjoy stress-free sex for an unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of a disease. And it is often this rule that is behind an erection problem as well as “with a condom we lose the real sense of sex”. The truth is that there is now so much variety in condoms on the market that you can find the one that suits you and pleases you the most. And do not forget, in order not to lose the feeling during the penetration, there needs to be moisturizing (so more preliminary if it is not enough for you) or the use of some lubricant.

Sex should last for hours

Once you have achieved what it takes to have the mood, space and time for sex, your contact should now last for a long time. There is a myth around this, that “the more sex you have, the stronger your lover looks” but I will challenge it with another clich√©, “he does not want trouble, he wants a way”! If you focus mainly on duration, there will be other points that will escape you and eventually, despite the time, sex will not be so successful. So instead of looking at the clock, next time look at your partner and notice what your movements and words are that make him enjoy sex more.

Sex means penetration and penetration means orgasm

Sex is not just penetration, it is the process before, during and after penetration. Penetration is just one of the means we use to express our passion for our partner. And for this it is not the absolute means that will bring orgasm. After all, vaginal orgasm does not exist for all women, so for them penetration certainly does not mean orgasm.

Alcohol before sex will improve your performance

It is true that drinking a drink will help you relax, relieve stress and feel more comfortable. However, there are many times when someone in this effort ended up relaxing so much that then he could not cope. Therefore, alcohol is not such a sure help to get better in bed, on the contrary the chance of having a worse time than you planned is high.

If you pretend to orgasm, you will help your partner 

When you pretend not to feel as uncomfortable as he or she does, then no one will learn the truth: Neither he nor you will enjoy sex trying to make changes to help you, nor will you understand the needs

of your body. You will just avoid them.

Anyone in a relationship does not watch porn

It is reprehensible and it brings anger when you find your partner masturbating while watching porn, it is true. Why would you think ‘since he can have sex with me, why does he need porn?’. The truth is that in fact it is both elements of his sexual expression that he needs and needed regardless of you and your relationship. Research shows that there is no confusion but no comparison between sex and self-satisfaction and that these are two completely different sexual behaviors.

You only have good sex at a young age

Age and fitness are not the only data you need to have enjoyable and good sex. On the contrary, because at a young age you do not yet know your body well, it is more difficult to enjoy sex. While you are growing up and learning your body and needs, you will be able to communicate to your partner how you want him to approach you.



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