“ Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right. ” –Woody Allen

The intensity at the time of sex can be expressed verbally (dirty talk), but also non-verbally. So we focus on the tension that exists between the partners before, but also during sex, and we examine what  makes sex, but also your partner, even sexier,  when he becomes a little more kinky and wild in behavior of.

Why we like passionate, East London Mistress intense sex:


The “dominant” nature of the man and the “submissive” nature of the woman are found,  as an instinct,  in a large part of the female and male population. Thus, the need for a woman to feel the dominance of her partner during intercourse is justified. The pleasure she finds in intense, full of passion, movements, satisfies her instinctive need to “surrender” to her lover. He, on the other hand, feels the need to have the “upper hand”, to prove that he is the “dominant male” and to make love to her as he wishes and fantasizes.


The show of strength works aphrodisiac. Women imagine men with fit and strong arms and men exercise to get them. Sexuality, therefore, and the display of power are directly related.

Change / Different 

The different from the usual sex that you have – before bed for example – without much intensity and expression of your passion, can refer to a gesture that will surprise you, an unexpected sexual communication that will excite you. Research has shown that there is a percentage of men who want to experience sex differently with their partner being the one who will be wilder, and will have the “upper hand”, a very refreshing option for your sex life.

Every sexual intercourse, even with the same partner,  is more or less different . Do not be afraid to become more communicative and / or look for a little more intensity in sex. You may be ashamed or scared of your thoughts, but do not forget that your partner, as well as the sex therapist, can help you enjoy sex the way you want.

Why do some couples stop having sex?

Reasons for not having sex in a relationship and ways to deal with it

There is talk about good and bad sex, how often we need to do all these things that will make our sex life healthier and more. Normal. But what happens when sex has other kinds of issues and in the end does not exist (almost) at all?

It is not a concern not to have sex with your partner for a while, it is something that happens. Of course, many wonder how much sex they should have and how much is enough and do such searches in corresponding articles that instead of finally getting answers, they get stress and pressure to become ‘normal’. There is no magic number, what exists is the relationship and its needs that are unique. Even the same person, with different partners, finds different sex enough and satisfying, so there is no passpartout.

Maybe one of the two or both for some time due to external factors and issues that may have arisen between you, to avoid sexual intercourse. The problem starts when one or both of them do not want sex and do not intend to discuss or solve it, as sometimes they do not even recognize that their sex has changed.

The reasons that a couple usually dilutes their sexual function and ends up being trapped in silence and oppression as they seem to be purely sexual issues that are difficult to discuss, are the following:

Reduced or zero sexual interest from you or your partner

Low sexual mood can be an emotional or even organic issue. On the emotional side, there are problems in the relationship itself, as well as issues that concern the partner, regardless of both the relationship and sex, such as difficulties at work that can absorb his energy and interest and negatively color the whole his daily life. In cases of organic causes, it is necessary to visit a doctor in order to give the necessary tests and treatment guidelines.

In addition, as sex may become demanding or obligatory or as the partner may change, there are some parameters that are not so easy to identify and need a more specialized search. Like all relationships, sex requires care and interest, without taking it for granted.

· There is no sexual interest in the partner

Sexual approaches are not by both partners and one is little to no willing. This can have several explanations regarding the couple’s relationship. And the assumptions that can be made by the ‘abandoned’ partner are many. Most of the time sex is avoided either because it is not interesting or because there is a need to hide something. From a health problem to a parallel relationship. Often, men, for example, do not seem to have sexual interest in order to hide a problem with their erection, while women, on the other hand, wanting to avoid forced sex that their partner all imposes, state that they are generally not sexually interested. In any case, however, when one of the two appears to be sexually unavailable,

Pain during sexual intercourse

If there is a sexual experience in which there has been pain and this is followed by correspondingly painful sexual intercourse, sex will often be chosen to begin to be avoided. A painful experience, almost automatically, will portray sex as painful and the body will react negatively to it as time goes on. For both women and men, sex can be painful for mental or organic reasons. It is therefore necessary to investigate whether there are thoughts and feelings or whether there is a gynecological or andrological problem that makes sex less enjoyable and more frightening.

What can you do to help ease the way?

-Discussion with immediacy and honesty – without forgetting that this is a sensitive issue, so you need not become aggressive with the intention of hurting the other to mobilize him, as the results are mostly the opposite.

– Show interest and not criticism – instead of approaching the issue of sex with a critical eye and demands, use questions that show that you are interested and care to find a common solution to your problems.

Contact a doctor – gynecologist or urologist / andrologist depending on your problem to identify the organic nature as well as the solution.

-See a specialist – psychologist / sex therapist in cases where sex shows problems due to relationship difficulties or wrong and lack of information about sex. We do not need to know everything, there is always the right specialist to guide us to manage our difficulties both together and individually.

All relationships, but also each partner individually, has the right to express themselves sexually and enjoy sex. So as the management methods are easily accessible, let us not ourselves become a brake on our sexual pleasure.



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